The history of the Hotel Hochrain

Everything began with the most common wish of all parents: a secure future for their children

To be honest, to manage the hotel in 1978 should have been the firstborn of the 4 sons of the family Fundneider, Josef, but he already had a job offer in Bibione, a town situated far away (for that time) on the Adriatic coast. The second born, Paul, also refused the offer without any doubt, because he preferred a "normal" employment. So the family asked the third born, Hartmann, who immediately accepted the offer. The last born was very happy about the decisions of his brothers, because so he inherited the farm of his parents, which is situated near the hotel.

Hartmann Fundneider discovered in very young years, to be precise at the age of 15, his passion for cooking. After 5 years of studying and a lot of apprenticeship in famous kitchens later, he decided to work another season at the hotel Erika in Meransen. At the shop by the corner happened to work as a salesclerk a young lady, Helena, our mother, the last of 10 children, born in a family of innkeepers.. so began the (love) story between Hermann Fundneider and Rieder Helena.

Christian, the firstborn, was born in 1981, he is a world class waiter. After him, every 5 years, were born the daughter Marliese, who works in the tourism field, the sons Samuel, a cook, and Alois, a passionate farmer, he has the same name as his grandfathers.

After building alterations and quantitative and qualitative extensions of the main building (the new construction of 2004 is surely the most important and demanding one), we are now writing the year 2010 and this story will not end so quickly…

If we will keep our good health, we will surely experience a lot of other adventures in the Hochrain. It will remain a challenge, but we will all accept it, together with our loyal employees, and we will look at the future positively and with curiosity.

Thoughts and memories written by the family Hartmann and Helena, together with their children Christian, Marlies, Manuel and Alois.
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